Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dog Freezes to Ground

A 100 pound malamute was found frozen to the ground in Hancock Monday, after being left outside all day. The Hancock Police have turned the investigation over to the Houghton County prosecutor who's reviewing the details.

Dr. Tom Cole of the Copper Country Veterinary Clinic says Sutton was brought to the clinic in the nick of time, which saved his life. Sutton still has swollen legs and winces when anyone touches him. His own body heat caused him to freeze to the ground.

The Hancock police brought him to the clinic after finding him completely covered with snow.

"Its core body temperature didn't drop below normal yet," said Dr. Cole. "Its skin was frozen, and really when you get a pet where you suspect hypothermia, just gradually start warming them with blankets."

Sutton's recovery could be long and slow. Staff at the clinic still couldn't get him to stand Tuesday afternoon.

The Hancock Police Department sent the case to the prosecutor's office. He is reviewing it to determine whether charges will be filed.

The manager at the Copper Country Humane Society says they see a few frostbite cases each winter. Kangaroo, a short-haired cat, came in with frostbite on his ears and tail three weeks ago. The stray was found on a country road in Baraga County, dehydrated and suffering from hypothermia. His hearing should be fine, but there is a possibility that the tip of his ears and his tail could fall off, and it's very painful.

While police aren't yet releasing why Sutton was outside for so long, Dr. Cole says you need to make sure that outdoor animals have a sheltered area and that their water isn't frozen. He says the smaller the dog house the better, because body heat will keep an animal warm. Use hay instead of blankets because it retains heat better.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Alphabet Story

A GAZEBO stood in the shade on a hot summer day. The Butterflies were acting ZANY as they flew around. Cars were going down the road as faster than the butterflies could but they tried to keep up. A Dog was using the gazebo as shade to get out of the hot sun. Everything was going just fine in the small park until a fire broke out. The Fire was a small one, firefighters predicted some hoodlums started it with a magnifying glass. Gallons of water were flowing out of the fire hose as they tried to put out the fire. Hundreds of people gathered around and watched as they fought the fire. In the blink of an eye the fire grew larger and larger as it swallowed the gazebo. Just as the people thought they might have had it put out they could smell HERBICIDE so they all fled the spot as the fire fighters continued to battle the blaze. King Arthur's firework stand was in the line of the fire and everyone was hoping that it wouldn't make it that far. Lots of fireworks were stored in the building and it would really be a mess to deal with. Many people was hoping they would be able to INTERVENE with the path of the fire. Not a Elegant park but a small one that meant something to the town was being destroyed before their eyes. On the opposite side of the park the hoodlums striked again as everyone had their attention on the much larger fire. People started to panic as now they were trapped in the middle of two raging fires. A Quark this was as nobody had been this terrified in this small town. Riding in the park was like a hobby for people in the small town and it is were most people meet up at. Sometimes there were fights but nothing this major. Terrified people watched as the greenery fueled the fire towards them on both sides. Under the fire sprinklers were on full blast but having no luck. Verry close to the end of the small towns park and some residents they finally had a plan to use a CACHE of water from a helicopter to try and smother the flames. While people were scared for their lives a huge amount of water was dumbed on them so they had a hope they might survive. The eXtreme heat of the fire was burning the people but they thought they might make it. Yesterday they were sitting at home and now they were in the middle of a fire. ZANY people ran threw the smoldered fire and was rescued thanks to the helicopter.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


While i was doing my normal routine of running around the house playing with my toy my owner picked me up and put me in the cage. We got in the car and went to this place where they gave me a shot. I was feeling alot better after i got my shot

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I Would like , for Christmas, a new pickup. I already have one but i would like to get another one that is better on gas. I really like my pickup because it pulls really good and is old. I like older pickups because not everyone has those. I want a new one to go out of town in and to save gas with the prices going up. If i can't get that than i will settle for a new pair of boots and a hat. I probably won't be getting the new pickup but i am pretty sure i will get new boots and a new hat.

Friday, November 7, 2008


I like to play a game called paintball. It can be played many different ways like: capture the flag, elimination, and many other ways. Around the nation there are many places set up for different types of games. Some games are reenactments of famous military battle like d-day. You can either woods ball or speed ball. Around here we play woods ball and it is a very fun thing to do. Next year i hope to go to the Oklahoma national game and hope my team wins some of the prize money. But for now this will have to do.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

halloween costume

I don't think they should ban costumes because it is all in the spirit of the holiday event. Even if they do ban costumes it won't stop anything but kids having to dress normal for a day and then they will be upset with the school and won't want to do anything. Let them have their fun with it but within limits but i don't think that it was that bad because Hitler was a scary person. 

Monday, October 27, 2008

invisibilty cloak

If i had an invisible cloak i would go and kidnap the pope. I have absolutely no idea why i would do this it just seems like a good thing to wright about. LOL! Ummm, but seriously i would probably just scare the little kids at halloween and maybe to sneak in and out of the house after curfew.